COMESEP (COronal Mass Ejections and Solar Energetic Particles: forecasting the space weather impact) was a three year collaborative project funded by the European Union Framework 7 programme (FP7). Tools for forecasting geomagnetic storms and solar energetic particle (SEP) radiation storms were developed under the project. To enhance our understanding of the 3D kinematics and interplanetary propagation of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), the structure, propagation and evolution of CMEs were investigated. In parallel, the sources and propagation of SEPs were examined and modeled. The produced tools were validated and implemented into an operational space weather alert system.

The COMESEP Alert System was launched in Nov. 2013 and provides space weather stakeholders with the following services:

  • geomagnetic storm alerts ("Event based" and "Next 24 hours")
  • SEP (proton) storm alerts (E > 10 MeV and E > 60 MeV)

To achieve this the system relies on both models and data, the latter including near real-time data as well as historical data. Geomagnetic and SEP radiation storm alerts are based on the COMESEP definition of risk.

For more infomation on COMESEP, please contact the Project Coordinator.