The COMESEP alert system consists of a network of alert tools connected to a central node in charge of:

  1. dispatching the alerts among the different tools,
  2. presenting a survey of the current alerts to the users,
  3. archiving the past alerts.

The data exchange between the central node and the different tools is implemented through SOAP web service using standardized messages (based on OASIS WS-Notification specification).  Each tool sends alert messages to the central node which both presents the alerts to the users and redirects the messages to the appropriate tools.

The figure hereunder is a flow diagram of how the different tools interact with each other through the three levels of the COMESEP alert system:

  1. First level producers
  2. Tools that are both consumers and producers
  3. Alerts
flow diagram
Flow diagram of the tools used in the COMESEP alert system.